Megan and Harry are Following a Rich Tradition of Curious Royal Match-Ups

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You might actually be surprised to learn that there is a rich history of the royal family embarking on relationships with all manner of entertainers and members of the showbiz community. Some of course are less savoury than others…

The Scandalous Duke of Kent

The Duke of Kent’s penchant for men, women and substances would be somewhat shocking even in these modern times of gratuitous nudity on reality TV, and general dumbing down of culture. The uncle to the current queen Elizabeth II, ‘Uncle George’ was considered such a controversial character that, even now, his personal information is still locked away at Windsor castle, and no journalist may access it.

In the course of a relatively “fast” 39 years, The Duke of Kent, the fourth son of George V, and only fifth in line to the throne, knew he had little chance of becoming King, and admirably chose to spend his life having a jolly old time. He was known for enjoying the company of men, and was arrested for this on more than one occasion, before embarking on an affair with black American cabaret singer Florence Mills, known for her risqué songs and demeanour.

Unlike Meghan Markle though, she was apparently unable to tame his heart. Uncle George went on to become addicted to heroin and cocaine and was killed in a plane crash at the age of 39. Even this was the subject of much speculation, with rumours abounding that it was an orchestrated crash to prevent him from subjecting the Royals to any further humiliation.

Lillie Langtry, the original Scarlet Woman

Notorious with a capital N, Lillie Langtry was a curious character. She was a disarming mix of parson’s daughter and racy minx, who ended up as the most scandalous Scarlet Woman of her time. On more than one occasion her path crossed with that of royalty.

When Queen Victoria died, her oldest son Albert Edward came to the throne as King Edward VII. Although the father of the term ‘Edwardian’ as we know it today, it seemed to be another kind of fatherhood that King Edward was constantly chasing. A known womaniser and playboy, he was rumoured to have slept with as many as 10,000 women over the course of his life, only taking breaks for hearty eight course breakfasts, and twelve course dinners.

Having tried at one point to seduce Russian prince Felix Yusupov in full drag, it would be fair to say he had eclectic tastes, making it all the more inevitable that his path would cross with our notorious Lillie. They embarked on an affair that literally made the headlines. One London Journal columnist describing their being “Nothing between [the two]… not even a sheet!”

Alas, their relationship soured when Lillie’s antics became too impetuous for the King. She was reported to have put ice cream down his shirt at a boring evening event, and fell out of favour with him permanently. At this point, she moved to America to seek her fortune as an actress. But the allure of Royal blood obviously proved too much – she embarked on another affair, this time with Prince Louis of Battenberg (father of Lord Mountbatten), and together they are rumoured to have had an illegitimate daughter, Jeanne Marie.

A Glass of Brandy Please…

So went the reported reaction of King George IV on setting eyes on his German bride to be, Caroline of Brunswick.

One can only hope and assume that Prince Harry had a more charming one-liner to initiate his romancing of Meghan Markle, but this, alas, was a marriage of arrangement, and one that proved spectacularly unsatisfactory for both parties.

Prior to being King George IV he was known as ‘Prinny’, and as the name suggests he was a fastidious character, obsessed with cleanliness as well as being a man of taste. This was part of the reason the marriage had been arranged – Prinny needed help to clear his substantial debts of £600,000, an almost inconceivable amount of money for the 18th Century. Unfortunately Caroline’s poor personal hygiene and general appearance – she was known for her unrefined manner and bath-dodging – put an end to this romance before it even properly began.

In 1795 the couple finally wed, with Prinny getting increasingly drunk as the day went on, and Caroline responding in kind by becoming increasingly loud and bad tempered. The marriage was consummated quickly, with Prinny promptly passing out on the floor soon afterwards.

This marriage was a strangely media savvy affair – both would attempt to court the general public in anticipation of things taking a turn for the worse. Inevitably Caroline was the favourite. She had travelled far from home only to be subjected to Prinny, and she courted the public with her manners and charm. Even when Prinny attempted to file for divorce, Caroline was able to win the masses over, forcing a rethink – and he had to abandon his attempts.

Royal romance is not always what it seems, but it is often played out in the public eye. You may not want to be as notorious as Lillie Langtry, or as ungrateful in romance as Prinny. Indeed you may, under the anonymity of never alighting upon the throne, simply want to live a quietly debauched life before going out in a blaze of glory, like the Duke of Kent. Luckily, with the help of the good people at you can buy into this world. sell titles of all kinds, including German titles for those who want to follow in Caroline’s footsteps. They can be legitimately added to your passport, credit card or other documents for you to seamlessly sweep into the nobility.

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