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What is a Duke Title?

In simple terms, a duke is known as a male who holds the highest hereditary title, not only in Britain but also other countries. The title is ranked just below the monarch and is attained either by ruling over a duchy or being a member of the nobility. The title derives from the Latin noun ‘dux’, which means leader; the term was also used in republican Rome in reference to a military commander who did not have official rank. In the 18th century, dukes or grand dukes ruled the majority of small German and Italian states.


What is a Duchess Title?

A duchess is the female version of a duke. Two types of women hold this title. The first is one who has earned it or holds it in her own right; the second is one that is the wife of a duke. Both types own the right to duchy or dukedom. You can buy a Duke and Duchess Title here.


Does a Duke or Duchess Title need to be earned somehow?

After reading the above, you could be led to believe that every duke or duchess title needs to be earned. This is in fact wrong, as we have the right to call ourselves whatever we like – even when that means including the title duke or duchess before our birth name. This is down to UK and International Laws, which enable us to change or alter names legally and officially as long as it is not for deceitful purposes. In turn this enables us to sell German duke and duchess titles worldwide, and for consumers worldwide to purchase such titles legally at just a few clicks of a button.

a central european lord

What are the benefits of buying a Duke Title?

There are different types of duke titles on the market. There’s an archduke, a grand duke as well as the standard duke. All titles are well-respected and globally recognised. Purchasing one means that impressionable people may see you as royal, or noble. Potential partners may find this title somewhat arousing, and special treatment in luxury locations is more likely to be dished out. Don’t forget purchasing a duke title means you can add it to your credit cards, chequebooks, bank accounts and start using it within your signature! Our packages come in a red burgundy folder, which among many other items, such as a medal, contains a guide on how to use your new title to your advantage.


What can I compare my title to?

If you purchase a German nobility title from us, your title will be completely unique to you, and all medals are hereditary. With duke as your title you can be somewhat compared to the likes of The Duke of Norfolk, The Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Gordon, The Duke of St Albans and The Duke of Bedford.


Would a Duke Title make a good gift? If so, for what occasion is it suitable?

A duke title has been found to make an incredible gift for those who enjoy power. Any man of the house would surely love to be titled a duke by his family or loved one, whether it is for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or simply as a humorous way to make them feel better after a long day hard at work.

Many of our online shoppers purchase this gift for the most important man in their life, as a way to show them that they are appreciated, respected and seen as royalty. That being said, there doesn’t even need to be an occasion! This gift is one that will just keep on giving, and won’t be something the receiver forgets any time soon.

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