Genuine Titles For Sale

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What is the definition of “genuine titles?”

Nobility titles are often defined as genuine when a ruling monarch or prince has appointed them. Large numbers of ancient noble and feudal titles originate from France or Italy, but we sell genuine German titles and medals as nobility packages, because they are rare and widely sought after. The recognition and meaning of titles varies throughout different countries, but in the UK regulations governing titles and other such honours are often formally instituted by letters patent, or royal warrant which is signed by the monarch, and in most cases is countersigned by a minister to signify that ministerial advice has been taken upon appointing the title or honouree. The genuine German royal titles and medals we sell come in a luxurious package folder, French-Baltic antique style, containing hand signed letters patent with the magnificent golden seal of the kingdom.

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What is a fake title?

A title of nobility can be defined as fake when it is not recognised by any government, even in parts of the world where titles of nobility still exist.

Why can’t I purchase a genuine British title?

In the UK a genuine British title cannot be bought, and such a transaction would be breaking the law under the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1952. This means that anyone who has purchased a British title has committed a crime. We pride ourselves on providing our customers will a trustworthy service, which is why we only sell German nobility titles. British citizens can purchase these titles and use them in the UK, not only because they are genuine but also because UK and International Laws allow it. The British, much like many other countries, have the right to change/alter their names as long as it is not to commit fraud.

Be wary of any source that suggests otherwise. Real genuine British titles include peerages, baronetcies, knighthoods, lairdships, manorial lairdships and Scottish feudal baronies. These titles cannot be purchased or used anywhere in the world, legally, without the consent of Her Majesty.

How do you know a title is genuine?

For many people it can be hard to know the difference between a genuine title and a fake title, which is admittedly one of the reasons why people buy them – to impress impressionable people. However, for professionals, it takes very little research to spot the difference. You can trust that our German titles are genuine as they come with a hand signed and sealed certificate of authenticity. You also get an ancient map of the Livonian Empire, as well as a secret Templar Oath, which too has a golden seal of the Kingdom.

What types of genuine titles are for sale?

Our German nobility titles and medals are hereditary, and we are the only ones in the world selling them. Our options are vast and we currently sell titles such as Lord or Lady, Baron or Baroness, Viscount or Viscountess, Count or Countess, Marquis or Marchioness, Duke or Duchess, Prince or Princess, Grand Prince or Princess, Archduke or Archduchess and Prince Elector & Margrave.


Why buy a genuine title?

Although purchasing one of our nobility titles will not get you a seat in the House of Lords, it will provide you with an array of benefits, depending on how you use your new title and to what extent. Some of our title buyers use us as a source of amusement, providing titles as comical gifts for their loved one. Others use it to further their career or climb the social ladder to join the elites.

We have a wide range of people visiting our site each day, and each individual has a unique reason for purchasing a nobility title. We believe one of the main reasons for buying titles with us is the added advantage of being able to flaunt your new name on bank cards, passports, chequebooks and more.



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