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What is a Count Title?

If you want to buy a Count or Countess Title it is an excellent choice. For those of you that don’t know, this title is designed to display the status between the highest and lowest titles of nobility in European countries. It is deemed to be an intermediate rank and is appointed to nobles of varying backgrounds. The word count (in this context) came into the English language through the use of the French word ‘comte’. Comte derives from Latin and has the meaning of companion. Over the years this has be elaborated to be “companion of the emperor or delegate of the emperor.” The English equivalent for a male noble is an Earl, but the Earl’s wife is still simply “Countess”, for lack of an English alternative.

Although Earl is the English term, there are “Count” titles that do still apply in the 21st century and have been granted by monarchies, meaning that owning a German count title in the UK is still considered highly prestigious.

The Crazy King Ludwig of bavaria

Does it need to be earned or awarded?

Historically, in the UK you could earn the equivalent of a count title simply by being the eldest son of a duke. In Italy, count titles are given to all the sons of a duke, and the daughters are countesses. However, now you don’t need to earn or be awarded a count title to be the owner of one – because you can purchase them online here, with us.

Germanic Count

What does it mean to own a Count Title?

Throughout history and even within our own times, a count title is impressive, so owning one for yourself means people treat you differently, as if you are noble – well, what else would you expect from being a titleholder?

Owning a count title can mean different things for different people. It is not looked upon as a usual or common title, so it will make an impression in any country or location. Owning one means you will stand out from the crowd and be noticed, as a noble with prestigious status.

The Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg

Who would want a Count Title – and why?

Our customers are those who see the advantages in purchasing a count title, or people who want to give a unique gift to their loved ones. Those who want greater social status often visit us. Their view is that, by having such a noble title, they will unlock access to a secret world – one where air hostesses give you special treatment and luxury golf resorts give you VIP access – and they’re usually right. Many of our previous buyers have been able to get better deals from shops, banks, hotels and exclusive restaurants.

One case study we learned about was Lord Toby, a reporter for the Financial Mail. He ennobled himself through an online website and gained a title within five days. As purchasing a count title is legal, he was able to add his new title to his passport, driving licence, bank account and credit cards.


Is it a good investment to make?

Although some people decide to purchase their own title as an investment, we do not necessarily sell them for this purpose. It is of course true that they can increase in value, and therefore money is sometimes there to be made. Predicting this, however, is a different story altogether. We believe purchasing a title is a great investment as it provides personal fulfilment and a variety of perks, such as mining and fishing rights.

Here at we see ourselves at the fun end of the spectrum. Changing your title to “Lord is wholly legal, and if others decide to give you benefits because of the title, that is their choice.

One of the biggest sales made to date on a title was that of the Lordship of the Manor of Wimbledon, which was bought by Earl Spencer in 1996 for £171,000.



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