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If you need something special in your life, a purpose, a lift, or simply a feel good present to yourself, then welcome to We can make your dreams come true because are the only site in the world who are able to sell our wonderful customers German nobility titles with hereditary medals. Forget about buying yourself a new shirt or a few CDs, because these titles will not only put a massive smile on your face, they will also have a positive effect on your life that will open many doors and will never become boring.


Baron in the room!

Can you even imagine the sheer presence that would be added to your already impressive credentials when you are announced as a Baron? You see, this title is 100% real, and you will have all of the paperwork to back up your claim to royal status. Checking into hotels, restaurants, and even flights or cruises is going to become extremely enjoyable. Just watch their faces as your title is noticed. Watch their eyes light up as they realise they are now in the presence of royalty. The title of Baron of Pomerania and Livonia has more than just a nice ring to it; a lot more. For all that that receptionist knows, you could have thousands of loyal subjects who live on your land, so why shouldn’t she be impressed when you flash a winning smile? You can buy a Baron or Baroness Title here.


Opportunities Galore

So let’s discuss the myriad of doors that will suddenly be flung open when you take on the title of Baron of Pomerania and Livonia:

Upgrades – Well, who could refuse the Baron an upgrade? You could soon be sitting in first class where all of your requests will be treated with the utmost respect. Don’t be surprised to receive some complimentary champagne – and perhaps much more.

Job applications – Talk about being fast tracked to that all important interview! Your potential employers will be jumping over themselves to have the opportunity to enjoy an audience with genuine royalty. In terms of a cool conversation piece and ice breaker, nothing could ever compare to discussing how you came about obtaining the title of Baron of Pomerania and Livonia. Surely that job offer will be nothing but a mere formality?

Socialising – Dinner party invitations and more will soon be flooding through your letter box and email inbox, because many people will do almost anything to be associated with royalty. You can wax lyrical about the kingdom of Pomerania and Livonia as your audience are mesmerised by your aristocratic charm offensive.


Genuine and authentic

If the idea of becoming Baron of Pomerania and Livonia appeals to you, would be delighted to transform those dreams into reality. Simply choose the title that appeals to you the most and we will do the rest. It really is our pleasure, and once you make the purchase, great things will start to happen. You will soon receive official documents that name your good self as the Baron of Pomerania and Livonia, or whichever other title you choose. These will include the following credentials:

Certificate of Authentication

Apostille of the Kingdom

The Letters Patent

The Golden Seal of the Kingdom

Royal Title Package

Livonian Blue Max neck medal

Map of Ancient Livonia

A Helpful Guide


Just as soon as you are in possession of these credentials, you are entirely free to complete the transformation by changing your title officially from Mister to Baron. This title can then be used on all official documents, including airline and cruise tickets, and the superb consequences of your transition can then start to be appreciated and enjoyed.


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